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Thinking About Selling Your Diamond?

International diamond company Mavrik Jewelry can help you get the best price for your diamond. We strive to provide our customers a safe and fair way to sell their diamonds in Saint Louis. Educating our customers in the value of their diamonds is key. Our local presence and international reputation for excellence provides us a worldwide network for obtaining  diamonds of every shape and size. To sell your diamond, visit our facilities in Saint Louis, Missouri.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you pay?

A: We can pay in any legal manner. Check, cash, credit, or wire transfers are our preferred methods.

Q: How long does the diamond selling process take?

A:  From the moment you step into our store, it will take us 15-20 minutes to evaluate the diamond and process the payment. We appraise the diamond before your eyes. At no time will your diamond be taken our of your sight, until you have sold it to us.

Q: Do I need to schedule an appointment to sell my diamond?

A: Yes. In order to assure that one of our buying representatives will be available to sit down with you, an appointment is important.

Q: How can I know the value of my diamond?

A: If possible, bring all relevant information concerning your diamonds. We will estimate the value for you. Laboratory reports on diamonds, such as a GIA report, and professionally written appraisals are very helpful. If you do not have documents such as these an account of what you remember from when it was purchased, or gifted to you, will suffice. As always, we will do everything we can to estimate the value of your diamond.

 Q: Do I need a certificate in order to sell my diamond?

A: No. You do not need a certificate to sell your diamond. We frequently buy diamonds without reports of any kind. It is our job to apply the same standards and grading techniques that certificate issuing agencies use in order to properly evaluate your diamond. In most cases, it is unnecessary for our clients to incur the expense of a report. If a report crates a comfort level for our clients, or will work to the client's benefit, we can submit a stone to any certificate issuing agency for you.

Q: I have an insurance apprasial for my diamond. What can I expect to get based on my insured price?

A: Unfortunately there isn't an easy answer for this question. Insurance appraisals are usually written at 20% above the original retail cost. If you are trying to decide what your diamond would be worth if purchased in the last 10 years, an industry rule of thumb would be 20%-30% of the retail cost.

Q: If I do not like your offer, or think I should get more for my diamond, what are my options?

A: First, we will offer a fair price. We are not looking to take advantage of our customers because we want to keep doing business with them. We try our best to work with you to come to an agreeable price. If we cannot, we can refer you to other places that might be interested in purchasing your diamond.

Q: What is the best time of year to sell diamonds?

A: All year long. Diamonds are not seasonal, they are bought and sold year around with little fluctuation.

Q: How does your service compare to auction houses?

A: The simple answer is that with us, you will get more money in the end. We can guarantee same day payment, where as with an auction house you must wait for your item to sell, then wait for the auction house to pay you, a process that can take up to 90 days. Also, auction houses charge commission, as well as requiring the diamond to be insured while at the auction house. And as always, with auctions you may receive less than you want. We do not charge additional fees, you receive the agreed upon amount within minutes, with us your diamond will turn into cash exactly when you need it.

Q: How does your service compare to other diamond and gold buying companies?

A: We are in the professional diamond buying business. Yes, we buy gold as well, but our main focus is diamonds. We will be able to tell you exactly what kind of diamond you have and how much your diamond is worth. A gold buying company would not be able to do this because they lack the expertise and knowledge. They also lack a large diamond network such as ours. Because of this they will pay you less than what your diamond is worth.