Custom Design Services


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Unique, handcrafted, custom made jewelry, from Mavrik provides you the pleasure of creating and owning a singular piece of jewelry unlike any other. Custom jewelry gives you an opportunity to create something that will be passed down to the next generation, becoming apart of you and your family. Our jewelers bring your own emotions and desires to life in jewelry, providing an artistic representation of yourself, and a priceless heirloom.


Custom Jewelry

Custom jewelry comes in many forms and price ranges. From the most common jewelry assembled from standardized parts, to lost wax castings, to the high end hand fabricated jewelry. As St. Louis' #1 custom jewelry shop we are capable of delivering the unique handcrafted jewelry that you desire at a price level you are comfortable with.

Mavrik can create an original piece of jewelry using your diamonds, gemstones, or we can provide those for you, using our long standing relationships with some of the best stone cutters in the world. Redesigning jewelry is also an option, we can take your, old rarely worn jewelry, and transform it into a piece that you will be proud to wear everyday. The most important aspect of the custom jewelry process is providing you with beautiful platinum, gold, or silver jewelry, that shows off your personality.


Custom Engagement Rings

Every woman is unique and deserving of a unique engagement ring. With time and planning we can help you provide her with the ultimate custom engagement ring, no one else in the world will have what she wears on her finger. A diamond, though beautiful, fails to capture personality, let her show off a custom ring created only for her, not a simple diamond.


Jewelry Redesign

Everyday we have customers ask us if we are able to remount a stone, redesign their jewelry, or set a handed down stone into a new piece. Of course we can! Jewelry redesign is something Mavrik Jewelry takes pride in doing. Adding new life to an old and tired piece of jewelry provides enjoyment for generations to come. That cherished ring cannot not shine if kept in a box. When you hear someone say, "They don't make jewelry like they used to." know that there still is a place that makes and repairs jewelry like they used to, Mavrik Jewelry.